Youth Girls Summer Program

The Youth Girls program is a stupendous program for teenage boys/girls ages 13 and up. We focus on Quran, Islamic studies and offer interactive sessions aka Halaqas.   Both programs are conducted separately with different teachers.

What makes our youth program so much more different and effective from other programs?

The fact that our classes are taught by other youth boys/girls under the guidance of Scholars. We believe that teenage youth learns better when people are approaching them their age. A typical day includes the classes followed by an interactive learning activity session.

Classes offered : Quran Tafseer, Hadith, Interactive Halaqa, Halal/Haram, Etiquette in Islam, and much more...

Girls Youth Program Class Schedule

Youth Girls Teachers –  Sr. Anam Mansoor and Sr. Rafiah Basit

Expected Guest Speakers -Youth Girls –   Br Ahmad Ansari,  Imam Rauf Zaman and more…

Location MCMC ( 1000 Hoes Lane) 

Dates –  July 3rd –  Aug 3rd ( Monday – Thursday from 11:30 – 1:30PM)

Fees –  125$

Registration –  Download the Form and Email to


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