MCMC Summer Camp is both an educational and recreational experience for children of all ages.  A typical day includes two and a half hours of intensive Quranic and Islamic studies followed by two hours of sports and other interactive learning activity sessions. Students are dismissed after Duhar, prayed under the watchful guidance of experienced teachers and volunteers.
Summer camp not only provides educational teachings, but also teamwork, creativity, individuality, responsibility, respect, and many other life lessons. Parents and students both agree this is a phenomenal experience.  
Subjects : Quran, Seerah, Fiqh, Aquidah and  Lectures by Imam & Principal.  Interactive sessions on proper way to pray Jumua’h, make Abulution(Wudhu), Read Salat(Namaz), Adhan Practice and Much more!
Books:    I Love Islam Workbook Series & MCMC Summer Camp Manual