Ahmad Ansariis the former principal of An-Noor Academy and a dedicated& resourceful education professional with unique skills. With extensive experiences in the field of teaching, administration as well as Tarbiyah related issues spanning nearly two decades, he holds Masters’ degree in Arabic language and literature, a Bachelors’ degree in English, and a Bachelors in Islamic Religious Studies.

Due to his long association with Islamic Schools and his close interaction with Muslim children, Mr. Ansari is knowledgeable about human relations and how to facilitate it towards positive roles and relationships; able to respectfully advise people when needed in such terms that it does not hurt their feelings, yet, communicate the areas of improvement.  

Besides being Hafiz Al-Qur’an Al-Kareem, Mr. Ansari is a tri-lingual and possesses excellent communication skills in three different languages with near native fluency in the Arabic language. Mr. Ansari is also an experienced Khatib and has been regularly delivering Friday and Eid Khutbahs in different Masajid& Islamic centers. He speaks frequently about educational, social, as well as Tarbiah issues relating to children and youth, and has been delivering educational lectures and presentations in various Islamic Centers and Schools. He has also been a regular speaker at the ICNA-MAS Convention for the past several years. 

Working with children and youth is his passion, and in order to achieve his objectives he has been busy putting constant efforts to combine the Ta’leem (education) with Tarbiah (character building), and to inculcate and strengthen Aqidah & Akhlaq values in the minds of young children. Mr. Ansari is contributing his share to help produce strong, knowledgeable and proud Muslim Americans who are not only capable of facing the modern day challenges with confidence pride but are also able to contribute to the overall development of our society in their capacity as peace loving citizens, Insha Allah.

 As an educator and the camp supervisor, Ahmad Ansari brings in a wealth of knowledge and latest industry techniques to teach and manage the program. He will also be conducting Interactive educational sessions with children of all levels during morning assembly.

Sr. Kahkashan Kashif –  Sr. Kahkashan currently teaches in MCMC Sunday School from past 3 years.  She has been teaching Basic Quran Level 3, Islamic Studies and Seerah to 6th Grade students in Sunday School and is a very dedicated and hard working teacher. She will teach Level-1A & Level-1B along with Sr. Hanifa Syed. Her email address is

Sr. Hanifa Syed –  Sr. Hanifa currently teaches in MCMC Sunday School from past 3 years.  She has been teaching Basic Quran Level 2, Islamic Studies and Seerah to 5th Grade students in Sunday School and is a very dedicated and hard working teacher.  She will teach Level-1A & Level-1B along with Sr. Kahkashan Kashif. Her email address is

Sr. Tubah Yahya –  Sr. Tubah current teaches in MCMC Saturday Islamic school. She has been volunteering in Summer camp for three years and has taught and volunteered at MCMC Sunday School for four years. Tubah will teach Level-2 in 2017 along with Sr. Sarah.  Her email address is

Sr. Sarah Sajid –  Sr. Sarah is a very dedicated and hardworking teacher of Iqra at MCMC.  She has taught and volunteered in Summer Camp for two years.  Sarah will be the teaching Quran to Level-2 along with other teachers.  Her email is

Sr. Juwairia Ansari –  Sr. Juwairia currently teaches in MCMC Maktab Program and 5th Grade class in Saturday Islamic School. She has taught and volunteered in Summer Camp for past 4 years.  She is a graduate of Annoor Academy and is a very good Islamic Studies and Seerah teacher.  She will teach Level-3 & Level-4 along with Sr. Hala. Her email address is

Sr. Hala Ahmed –  Sr. Hala currently teaches Quran in MCMC IQRA program.  She has substituted in Annoor Academy in the past and is a very good Quran teacher. She has also taught in Summercamp last year. She will teach Quran to Level-3 & Level-4 along with Sr. Juwairia. Her email address is

Sr. Nazifa Zaman –  Sr. Nazifa is the youth coordinator for the Youth Girls summer program. She has been with the summer camp for five years and also teaches at MCMC Maktab and Saturday school. She relates well with youth and makes the learning experience both didactic and enjoyable.  Children just love to be around Nazifa.  Sr. Nazifa will be the youth girls teacher in Summercamp 2017.  Her email is

Br. Ahmad Ansari and Imam Raouf Zaman – They will conduct classes for youth boys and may also conduct some sessions for youth girls.

Sr. Hira Tanveer – Sr. Hira has a bachelors in English Literature and professional teaching experience in English, Math and Social studies.  She manage the  extended sessions in Summercamp along with Sr. Kiran

* Beside the above primary and lead teachers for each level, there are dedicated volunteers to assist the teachers in each class and volunteers to provide overall support and any help needed in the Summercamp.